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One of Africa’s leading independent girls’ schools, The Wykeham Collegiate is situated in the suburb of Clarendon in Pietermaritzburg. The school aims to prepare girls for the challenges of the real world.

The girls at The Wykeham Collegiate are encouraged to believe in themselves and to value their own abilities. The broad, holistic curriculum provides opportunities for every girl to discover and develop her own talents.

The Wykeham Collegiate is a Christian school and there are three tenets to which the school subscribes: ‘faith, hope and love’. It endorses the view expressed in 1 Corinthians 13:13 that ‘the greatest of these is love’.










Self-respect and respect for others

Balance of intellectual, spiritual and physical well-being

The Wykeham Collegiate is a school with a soul. It is a community in which each member is regarded as a unique individual and each person’s talents are nurtured and celebrated.


We are an independent Christian school for girls and we aim to:

  • develop each girl to her full potential in all spheres,
  • offer a broad, value-based curriculum,
  • be at the forefront of educational initiative,
  • celebrate differences and diversity in a multi-cultural society, and
  • encourage young women to think critically and creatively.


The school aims to prepare young women for the real world. It offers a top quality, progressive and holistic education, based on sound Christian values, in a caring and stimulating environment.

The Wykeham Collegiate is a happy school, where girls are encouraged to look beyond themselves and to have an altruistic outlook which promotes the good of all. It is a school in which balance is important and pupils are encouraged to develop intellectually, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Through working, playing and living together, pupils form relationships and learn to respect one another. 

Ms Sue Tasker

Lady Principal

I find the energy in the school invigorating. TWC is a relatively small school, capable of achieving great things because the girls feel secure in taking risks and getting involved in the many and varied opportunities provided. Girls and staff celebrate each other’s successes and support one another during the more challenging times. TWC is a fantastic place to be!


Gillian Lotze

Old Girl and Parent

As a fourth generation Old Girl, my daughter Savannah has just completed 12 vibrant, happy years at TWC. The culture of the school is rich in diversity with dedicated teachers who help each girl reach her academic, cultural and sporting potential.

Thank you TWC for upholding the proud traditions and values of Wykeham and Girls Collegiate and melding them into one progressive, well balanced school which really does produce women who are thoroughly prepared for the real world!

Ingrid Osborne

 Old Girl

My life at TWC was a myriad of opportunities; from the debate team and school plays to Botswana for a Wildlife Club tour, from an Academic Visitorship to Germany / Switzerland / Russia to playing hockey, becoming Swimming Captain and Vice Head of House and the opportunity of competing in the South African Diving Championships. All these adventures created lifelong friendships but it was the educational experience that gave me perspective about what I really wanted to do. TWC was the foundation for my career as an Electronic Engineer and business owner.

Mbali Ntuli

 Old Girl

TWC was the best time of my life. I am so grateful for the nurturing environment the school had. My love of debating was grown and nurtured by Mrs Pam Esterheysun and has been one of the most valuable skills in my job and life. I have recently given birth to a baby girl and I have already told everybody that she will be attending The Wykeham Collegiate because I want her to experience the amazing teachers and opportunities that the school provides. I am a proud TWC girl and will always be.

Clarice van Niekerk

TWC Head of School

TWC has been a fundamental part of my childhood and adolescence. It has exposed me to teachers, girls and concepts which have inspired and shaped my growth process, and has allowed me to unearth and develop passions which I know I will keep and always be grateful for.


Bridgette Campbell

TWC Parent

I firmly believe that one way to tell how great a school is, is in the happiness of the kids that attend. I can confidently say that both my girls are so incredibly happy at TWC. Which as a parent makes our lives much easier. We are incredibly thankful for what TWC teaches our girls. Thank you for helping us bring up well rounded, dedicated & honest girls. We are very lucky to have such an amazing school to send our daughters to.


Gill Koller

Head of Boarding

I have worked for TWC for nearly 10 years and have had close to 2000 girls in my care. I have found it to be the most rewarding job that I have ever had, as it is a very caring environment. Being the Head of Boarding I strive to create a safe, happy place where I can mentor the girls and they feel loved and supported. I enjoy working with the parents and being a part of bringing up their daughters and find joy in seeing these girls flourish and grow into mature, independent ladies. It is a privilege to play a part in the girls’ lives.



Old Girls


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